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Along Came a Wolf...

Moments from our Guided Expedition as told by Lance Basset, EAS Naturalist Guide.

There we were in a meadow at Hallo Bay, Katmai National Park and Preserve, sitting on a log, watching the tide go out, enjoying the morning and minding our own business. I look behind us and along came a wolf.

Each encounter with wildlife is truly amazing (I get giddy watching squirrels chase each other in my backyard). To have an apex predator walk up to you without a care or feeling threatened is amazing in itself. Then to give all our guests an awesome opportunity to watch, take pictures and just sit in awe while living in the moment and experience is just incredible.

This wolf, part of the Kaguyak pack, came trotting through the meadow directly towards us at a good clip, stopping occasionally to check out scents. She was obviously conducting a patrol of her territory looking for food. She did check us out but was more interested in crossing the swollen creek and continuing her hunt. During these encounters it is very important to remain still, quiet and definitely listen to your guide. As normal our guests were exceptional, heeding all instructions and letting me handle the situation. At no time was the wolf showing any aggressive body language so the best course of action is to let the wolf go by undisturbed and enjoy the experience. In fact, if you look at her tail, she is very relaxed and not concerned by our presence.

Video credit: Lance Bassett

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