Alaska Bear Viewing tours, Homer Alaska


TTssB.gif Day Pack
TTssB.gif Good lunch & snacks
TTssB.gif Water
TTssB.gif Rain Gear-light coated nylon is best in Alaska, unlike Gortex it is really waterproof and it is considerably less expensive. We suggest jacket and pants-your raingear will not only come in handy during a shower but acts as a windbreaker, keeps you dry while walking in tall wet grass and sitting on wet ground. If it isn't sold out you can pick up sets in Alaska at most discount stores in the $15-20 range. Other suggestions: LL Beans Trail Model (800)221-4840 REI' Columbia Ibex (800)426-4840
TTssB.gif Waterproof footwear - WE WILL SUPPLY HIP BOOTS FOR OUR TRIP, however for the rest of your stay in Alaska shoes with a rubber lower are really nice, Alaska can be a damp place even in town!
TTssB.gif Layer clothing - fleece is great in Alaska-it is light, warm, protects from wind and dries quickly after getting wet.
TTssB.gif Light cap and gloves - a skull cap and glove liners are usually adequate
TTssB.gif Two pair of socks-nice to change in to after a day in your boots
TTssB.gif Binoculars
TTssB.gif Camera - a 200mm lens will normally get you really close to the bears, video cameras are wonderful-nice to have the sound as well as the picture
TTssB.gif Insect Repellent - not usually a problem but be prepared. Other tips-don't wear cologne, use unscented fabric softener and avoid wearing bright colors.
TTssB.gif MEDICATIONS - bring enough for two days of anything you need on a regular basis-it has never happened on a Day Trip but any time you are in the bush in Alaska weather could detain you.
TTssB.gif Plenty of film
TTssB.gif Sunscreen - hopefully we'll need it!!
TTssB.gif Bear Spray is a hazardous material and not allowed.

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Homer, AK 99603
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