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Sarah and Craig.. Your pilot and guides would like the opportunity to share their knowledge, enthusiasm and love for Alaska and its' wild inhabitants.  Fly in our  floatplane, the ultimate mode of Alaskan Bush travel, across the Cook Inlet to the Alaska Peninsula, home of the largest concentration of Brown Bears in Alaska. Much more than a photography trip. We are an educational experience dispelling the many sensationalized myths that surround bears. We will teach you how to move safety, respectfully and responsibly through bear country. We present the Brown Bear as an integral part of a much bigger picture-his threatened and, diminishing domain. We are a personalized experience - questions are encouraged. The small group size and client/guide ratio assures you answers to all of your questions about the bears- what they eat, when and where they hibernate, how they communicate ... as well as the birds and other animals that live beside them and the flowers and vegetation that cover the tundra you walk across. While bears are always the focal point, each trip varies slightly as it takes on the personality and  interests of the present group. Although the trips require a moderate level of physical activity they are appropriate for almost everyone, we encourage children.

...As you step off the plane back in Homer you will take with you not only a real sense of having been in "Bear Country" but the confidence to move through that country that comes only from personal experience, education and understanding-myths and exaggerations dispelled-replaced by fact and solid knowledge.

...It is our sincere hope that every person comes away from the trip an ambassador for the Bear and the fragile, wild land he lives in.

It could not be said more eloquently than in John McPhees Coming Into The Country:

"The sight of the grizzly bear stirred me like nothing else the country could contain. What mattered was not so much the bear himself as what the bear implied. He was the predominant thing in that country and for him to be in it at all meant that there had to be more of the same kind of country all around that. He implied a world. He was an affirmation to the rest of the earth that his kind of place was extant".


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